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A business app for independent teachers
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We just want you to teach. And grow your income!

Without worries about filling classes, sharing Zoom links, managing attendance, or following up for payments. Because that’s not the best use of your time and energy. That’s why we created PracticeNow - your all-in-one business app which doubles up as your virtual reception desk, your fee collection desk, your class scheduler, and much more - so you can focus better on what you love the most - teaching us students.


All 3 of us: Vaidy, Leena & Janaki are Yoga students

And each one of us has experienced immense value in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing that Yoga provides.

And each of us has also felt the struggles in sticking to our practice regularly..in spite of the benefits that we’d already experienced.

Why is that? Why do we hesitate to show up on the mat, when the benefits are already proven, especially by our own personal experience?

That question drove us to create PracticeNow.

Most students have a long list of reasons (excuses!) to skip practice. Our goal with PracticeNow is to do away with as many of those excuses as possible.

Today, as soon as a student in interested to try a class, she can hop on to our platform, pay for a class and join the class with a few clicks. No time to dilly-dally.

But like the Yoga journey of that student that has just begun, at PracticeNow also our journey is just getting started.

What will it take for the student to stick on to the practice? What will it take for her to spread the word and grow the community of students around her teacher? What will it take for her to deepen the connection she has with her teacher?

As we answer these questions in the coming months and years, we’re certain of one thing – bringing consistency in students’ practice helps teachers grow.



Conversational storyteller

Engage new inquiries and potential students with automated DMs of yoga tips, testimonials, stories, and videos from your own social media posts. Inspire them to practice with you and grow your circle of joy.


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Co-founder, Product
3x entrepreneur. 10+ yrs. experience building 20+ apps.
Yoga student for 5+ years
Co-founder, Technology
3x CTO. Continuous Delivery expert. Co-chair, Agile India.
Yoga student for 2+ years. Music student for 20+ years
Co-founder, Operations
CPA. Ex-Auditor.
Yoga student for 5+ years. Music student for 2+ years.

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