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Jaya's Full Story: Bringing Yoga Teacher Training Online [VIDEO]

Posted by Vaidy | Nov 25, 2020

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“No-one has ever done a teacher training online before! [...] We've had an absolutely great response!” 😊   

Param Yoga is a big, 30-teacher studio that shifted their whole operation online since Covid!

Watch the video below for Jaya's full story about a studio so confident with Zoom, they pioneered a popular teacher training series online.


  • 1:08 Jaya's background 
  • 4:06 Jaya training teachers 
  • 5:15 What does Param Yoga teach? (Hint: the variety is huge!)
  • 12:37 Param's Covid story (a big studio moves online!) 
  • 17:33 From video recordings to live classes! 
  • 21:33 Daring to do teacher training online! 
  • 23:28 Chaos & money headaches fixed by PracticeNow! 
  • 27:05 How do you train teachers to teach online?! 
  • 29:30 How to teach "scary asanas" to beginners 
  • 31:14 Finding props among household items 
  • 32:47 How to give confidence to beginners doing "scary asanas" 
  • 37:44 Advice for New Teachers 
  • 41:57 Pricing & customer retention 
  • 48:48 Future of online teaching!

Learn more about Param Yoga:   

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