3min testimonial from Rohini of Chennai Yoga Studio."> 3min testimonial from Rohini of Chennai Yoga Studio.">

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Rohini's Story: PracticeNow! Care & Listen [VIDEO]

Posted by Vaidy | Dec 19, 2020

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"Being bogged down with all the other work was taking away from what I  could do as a teacher. So it's an absolute blessing to have [PracticeNow!] take that from me."  

Rohini Manohar of Chennai Yoga Studio has known us from the early days.  As we grow, so does she! 😊

Here's Rohini's < 3min testimonial for PracticeNow!: 

"At a time when I was losing a lot of mental peace, they stepped in like a saving grace, and helped make things a lot easier [...] Easier for my students, easier for me, and it's helping the community get closer."  
"What makes them [...] special is that they actually care, & they actually listen, which makes a world of difference!"

Learn more about Chennai Yoga Studio:   

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