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Saee's Full Story: Growing a Yoga Business Through Covid (VIDEO)

Posted by Vaidy | Nov 04, 2020

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"I'm seriously grateful for Covid, in some ways." -- Saee Babat

Saee's journey wasn't easy. 

At first, her students refused to join Zoom. Then, her bluetooth audio gave out. 

But she persisted! 

And now her business is double or triple it's pre-Covid size. 

Her students insist: There's no going back! They want flexibility and convenience from online teaching, even after the pandemic. 😊

It was a joy to interview Saee, learn about the program she's developed, and hear what generous advice she has for online teachers starting out. 

How she handles pricing is particularly interesting.

This video clip takes you straight to the part about Saee's Covid journey. But I recommend circling back to watch the whole thing: 

Saee's full story is definitely worth checking out!


2:25  Saee's teaching philosophy (based on Nature Cure)

11:07 Her program structure

14:33 Saee's Covid story

20:05 Saee's best tech setup yet (with pictures)

24:43 The student experience online

30:04 Using PracticeNow! software, & pricing

34:23 Experience of switching to PracticeNow! online yoga studio software

38:34 Advice for new online teachers

Make & model of phone & laptop Saee uses:   

Phone: Poco F1  

Laptop: Dell Vostro 15-3568 (Intel i5)

You can reach Saee through her website & social:

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