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Santhanam's Full Story: "Be Flexible. Not Only in the Body!" [VIDEO]

Posted by Vaidy | Dec 05, 2020

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"Be flexible. That’s the very standard of yoga. [...] Be willing to change and adapt because that’s what is needed. We need to be at the forefront of showing that we are adaptable. "

Santhanam's theory: technology + positive attitude = yoga teaching success

"Spreading your love. That’s what yoga teachers do. [...] Spread your love. Spread awareness. Technology, Instagram... and tomorrow something else will be there. It’s gonna keep coming, [so] you gotta find spaces where you can make your light shine through."

Watch Santhanam's Full Story in this 20min vid:


  • 1:28 Santhanam's background 
  • 3:15 Santhanam's Covid story 
  • 6:24 Teaching style adapted to Zoom - a way to give students personal attention online! 
  • 10:00 Advantages of moving online 
  • 12:26 Some students resist moving online 
  • 13:48 Becoming a big fan of PracticeNow! software  
  • 15:56 Finding the opportunity in crisis 
  • 17:05 Advice for teachers going online  

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