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Siva's Story: A Golden Rule of Yoga Teaching (That Many Get Wrong) [VIDEO]

Posted by Vaidy | Dec 29, 2020

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"This is what I've learned from many teachers across the world:
'Don't practice along with the class! [To do so is...] a compromise [...] When you teach, you have to observe what the student is doing!' "

Sivaโ€™s wisdom and stories aim to connect and uplift your teaching! ๐Ÿ˜Š Check out this 10 minute video, or jump straight to your point of interest in the highlights below.


  • 0:08 A Golden Rule (All Teachers Should Know) 
  • 2:21 A Practical Method (To Balance Observation with Demonstration) 
  • 3:23 Stories to Illustrate the Point 
  • 6:42 Importance of Fundamentals (The Reason We Observe So Closely!)

Learn more about 6am Yoga: 

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