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Siva's Story: Detailed Hardware Essentials for Yoga Zooming [VIDEO]

Posted by Vaidy | Dec 22, 2020

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"Quality of sound & quality of student experience will be superior!"  

Get out your notepad! 😊 Siva Puthenmadathil shares precise hardware essentials for effective yoga Zooming.  


  • 0:08 Laptop Essentials
  • 1:50 Monitor, Wi-Fi & UPS
  • 3:53 Audio
  • 5:16 Keeping Your Setup Static
  • 6:18 Quality Camera

Thanks for these detailed insights, Siva!  πŸ’š

Tech Siva Uses or Recommends:  


  • HP laptop 
  • SSD  (solid state drive) boots up quickly 
  • 8 - 16Gb RAM  
  • Graphics card (good for editing) 
  • AMD processor - 250Gb 
  • 1Tb hard disk drive 
  • Backup storage - so you can upload data & leave laptop storage empty 
  • Backup laptop - so you don't lose classes in case of problems 
  • Separate monitor - for PowerPoint slides 
  • Strong Wi-Fi connection (at least 16 - 24 Mbps) 
  • Wi-Fi - in same room (speed & audio may be patchy if there's a wall in the way) 
  • Ethernet cable if you need to have laptop and router in separate rooms  
  • UPS in case of power failure   


  • Laptop mic is often sufficient 
  • Rhode clip-on , wired lavalier mic (directional mic = less ambient sound) 
  • Bluetooth mic will allow you to roam (but invest in a good brand!)  

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