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Siva's Story: Testimonial for PracticeNow! Yoga Software [VIDEO]

Posted by Vaidy | Jan 07, 2021

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“When my customers […] join a class, the entire look and feel - the whole experience! - is highly professional because of the [PracticeNow!] platform.”

Siva’s been a customer for 2 years! 😊 Watch the 5min vid below to learn why he says:

"The kind of wholesome experience I’m getting from PracticeNow! is wonderful.”


  • 0:21 Eliminates manual work
  • 0:54 Professional student experience
  • 1:33 Outstanding, quick support
  • 2:28 New features all the time!
  • 3:40 Positive personal experience

Learn more about 6am Yoga:  

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