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Summarising Flow

Posted by Anna | Oct 14, 2020

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We've reached the end of our flow series! So, here's a reminder of everything we learned so far.

I hope it helps you find new heights of joy and excellence in your practice! 💚

Flow is:

  • That brilliant feeling of being “in the zone"
  • A peak experience (when we feel and perform at our best)
  • Total focus and absorption in the task at hand
  • A state of consciousness where the sense of time and self disappears

Flow is useful because:

  • “It shortens the path to mastery” — Steven Kotler
  • It’s associated with a meaningful, happy life (according to psychologist Mihaly Csiksentmihaly)
  • It can raise productivity by 500%, and creativity by 700% (according to McKinsey)
  • People who achieve the once-thought impossible always bring the conversation back to flow

Triggers for Flow:

  • More focus, fewer distractions
  • High motivation
  • Clear micro-goals
  • Visualisation (or any kind of in-depth learning & preparation)
  • The right challenge (about 4% beyond our current level of mastered skill)
  • Excitement within a state of risk (whether physical, emotional or social risk)
  • Group connection (collaborating in co-operative tribes towards shared goals)
  • Complex, novel, rich environments (a jungle's better than 4 blank walls!)
  • Deep embodiment (using all your senses in the present)

The Power of Flow in 2020:

  • This pandemic is a high risk, high challenge time: Flow is our pathway to thrive under duress!
  • Jobs evaporate with AI on the rise: Flow is our fast-track path to re-skill and reinvent ourselves!
  • Climate change demands feats of action that feel impossible sometimes (and “impossible” is what flow accomplishes best!)

Hope you enjoyed our flow series! 😊 I learned so much from writing about this. And I’m curious: What's your main takeaway from the topic? Is there anything you're gonna implement in your life? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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