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Wild Beast

Posted by Anna | Sep 09, 2020

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Sometimes getting myself to practice is like wrestling a wild beast.

Why is there such resistance? And how do we overcome this struggle?

I think part of the problem is that real practice is just difficult.

By definition, to grow in skill means we have to get outside our comfort zone.

For example, if I want my core to get strong, I have to damage tiny micro-fibres in the muscle, so they can heal back hardier than before. And it hurts!

And if I want to draw better faces, I have to practice the cringey bits I’m bad at drawing. And it’s embarrassing!


No wonder we avoid practice. 😊 What’s more fundamental to the human experience than that basic impulse of: “Pain bad. Pleasure nice. Avoid pain.” Am I right?

Clearly, I don’t have all the answers. But something I’ve been trying lately is to ask myself questions:

Can I stay with discomfort? Can I maybe even live there??

Especially that uncertain, cringey feeling that comes when we try to do something we know we can’t do well, yet. Can I make friends with that pain?

Because it's the heart of practice. 💚 That type of discomfort is like the secret, universal signal for personal growth.

So, knowing that: Can we relax around it? Can we welcome it?

Instead of wrestling that wild beast of practice, can we sneak up behind them, and come in for a hug? 🦁

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