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Santhanam Sridharan – Testimonial

Maintaining excel sheets, making a list of whom to call, what to talk about, when to call, date and time – I have done it all. And I know how it can suck the time away from the things you … Read More

Rohini Manohar – Testimonial

As a teacher, my first love is always teaching. To be bogged down by all the other work was taking away from what I could do as a teacher. What’s more, team at PracticeNow actually cares and listens. Suggestions are … Read More

Vikas Shenoy – Testimonial

Earlier, I would hardly sleep at the start and the end of each month. Students from different time zones would pay at 2 AM expect a Zoom link overnight. Also, when they transferred fees I just couldn’t figure out who … Read More

Regeesh Vattakandy – Testimonial

Before PracticeNow, we used to send Zoom links and manually mark attendance. It was complicated. With PracticeNow we can see what time who attended the class. It’s made our lives much more free. Students can see the schedule and buy … Read More

Meghna KV – Testimonial

PracticeNow gives you a website of your own. The video recordings are something that the students are enjoying so much. Most of my students are working professionals and a few are school going students as well, so, if they do … Read More

Sabir Sheikh – Testimonial

Video recordings are really helping us and our students. People who were not able to join our live sessions are now able to go through the recordings, and enjoy them at a different time of the day on their own. … Read More

Sivakumar Puthenmadathil – Testimonial

It eliminates manual and non-productive work of monitoring attendance, payments, billing cycles. It is highly user friendly and professional. People join the class, make payments, mark attendance, all on their own. Plus, whenever I am stuck, the support from PracticeNow, … Read More

Jaya Ramesh – Testimonial

When COVID started, it became a nightmare for me to manage the volume of members, to see how many classes they have attended. PracticeNow’s recorded videos and the Zoom class feature has helped us a lot with invoicing and tracking … Read More

Chandraprakash R – Testimonial

This past year I couldn’t have gone through without PracticeNow. I was spending a lot of time not teaching and just managing attendance and finances. PracticeNow has helped me track who is regular each month and how much money I … Read More

Rani Naveen – Testimonial

Because of USA and India pricing flexibility, my finances have become so strong. Earlier, I had to keep everything in mind, collect fees and ensure I don’t ask for fees from someone who’s already paid. Also, students who missed classes … Read More

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